Monday, September 19, 2011

Left Handed Comics

When I was a kid I would sometimes practice being blind just in case I someday lost my sight. I tried riding my bike down a hill with my eyes closed once and it didn't go well (I lucked out and landed on the grass so I was ok).

I'm recovering from what I think is tendinitis in my right index finger, but for a long time I thought it was something more serious like terminal degenerative cartilage damage. So I decided I ought to learn to be ambidextrous just in case I lose the use of my right hand, plus I wanted to give my tendinitis a chance to recover fully. In order to learn to write (and draw) with my left hand I've started drawing a comic strip I creatively entitled "Left-handed Comics". Here's the first installment:

This comic was inspired by the Papa John's delivery guy in our neighborhood who shot one of the people who tried to rob him at pepper-spray-point. Don't mess with the pizza guy.
I added the sub/supertitles since my writing is mostly illegible. Anne suggested a better opening line would be "Give me the money and nobody gets hurt", I tend to agree. I'll get her input first on future comics.

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