Sunday, June 7, 2009


Meet our new friend, Greta. She's an eight-week old beagle mix (we don't know with what) that we got from the shelter on Friday. She and her brother and sister were strays, found when they were five weeks old, and her siblings were adopted earlier on the day we adopted her. She was lonely and crying when we first met her. Though young, she was a skillful manipulator and we adopted her.

Greta loves her squeaky pig. Even as I type she's got it in her mouth and is trying to kill it. I don't know if it's really great that we're teaching a puppy in its infancy that it's good to bite and chew on things even when they squeak in kind of a pitiful way, but if she ends up an attack dog, at least she'll know her roots. As of right now, she weighs about five pounds, and has learned how to come when called and to poop outside (more or less). We're also working on "sit" and "shake." We tried and failed to get her to grasp the concept of "fetch."
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