Friday, April 17, 2015

A Fowl Crime

These are my chickens:
It is very hard to get a picture of  them all at once. That is my shoe and I was wearing it at the time so this is actually a sideways shot. I should be a wildlife photographer for National Geographic.
The Suspects

All of my chickens are about 13 months old. All of them are different breeds.
The Barred Rock. The biggest and baddest of the chickens, she is in charge, gets the prime bunking spot on the lower roosting bar, and is the first out the door every morning. She's fearless, except for snow, and proudly crows every day after she lays her brown egg. (This is supposed to be a suspect character-sketch so I don't want to get too into this right now but chickens are "prey" animals so their eyes are on the sides of their head, as opposed to "predator" animals, who have eyes facing forward for better depth perception in scooping up "prey" animals. And no, I don't know why I keep using quotes like that. So when a chicken or other "prey" animal (I can't help it!) wants to look directly at you, it has to turn its head sideways.)

The Easter Egger. The smallest of all the chickens and the most skittish around people. Despite her diminutive size, she's the first to the feeder every time, no matter who she has to push, squawk at or bite to do so. She lays green eggs.

The Gold-Laced Wyandotte. Beautiful and deadly, with a blunted comb to withstand even her cold demeanor, she's not a fan of people, but will steal anything handfed to one of her sister chickens. She shares the top roost with the Easter Egger.

The Buckeye. The most devious of the chickens and basically impossible to get one decent shot of, though she's a big fan of photo-bombing her sister chickens. She's a maverick, sleeping on the floor of the hutch even when there's plenty of space on the roosting bars
The Crime

Winter was harsh this year. Because of the cold, the chickens were shut up together for many days in their house. Things went....bad.

One of the chickens went berserk and chewed the back plumage off the others.

Looking back at the photos, and with the information you've been given about the suspects, can you solve the crime?

This is not relevant but it's gonna be the album cover for my rock duo with Brandon.

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Mevans71 said...

I'm guessing the smallest one, if I'm not mistaken in seeing sparse back plumage on all the others in their pics.