Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Baby Vampire (is hard to get on film)

I do not own this picture. Or this baby. Or photoshop skills. Or a rad baby sweater like that. I would like to give credit where credit is due but I could not find the photographer's credit, but thank you, whoever you are.
Anyway, that was what I was going for. But I only had wax lips and a cell phone camera.

Here's my best shot

I thought this one looked most realistic, even though it's blurry. Though maybe it's gritty, ultra-realistic shaky-cam?
Baby trying to fit her whole hand in her vampire mouth. Watch out for your fangs, baby!

Baby was willing. I was working hard. But wax fangs require top teeth.

Or maybe baby just wanted to eat the wax fangs.

Come on, baby! Bite them!

Greta, no! Greta pretended to be a helpful production assistant, but she was actually in it for the fangs! The second Jelly popped them out of her mouth this time, Greta took them.
 Then I thought about doing a vampire dog shoot.
Taken from "" Also, I didn't notice the dog in the coffin until just now. What is this?!
But instead, I just washed off the fangs and tried them on Jelly again.
Here we go. I'll lay her down. This'll be a lot better!
Aw, crap!

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